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Together We Belong

Together We Belong is an album of 8 songs written during a time in my life that I refer to as "the explosion".

A time where a bitter, traumatic relationship ended and a new, exciting and loving relationship began.

I had written songs before that time in my life, but I didn't feel ready to share them publicly let alone record them; until these new feelings of love and positivity enabled me to write in a more honest way allowing me to open up and show the real me. I've discovered that deep down, I'm a romantic fool and I think that is pretty clear from the way I have put these songs together.

I recorded the songs at Momentum Studios, Devon between November 2016 and March 2017; almost a year after I wrote most of the songs.

I took the advice to record at Momentum Studios after speaking to a new friend that I had made at a jam night in Exeter in 2016; Paddy Blight. Paddy gave me no other recommendations. He even liked the demos that I played to him that much that he played on nearly all the tracks (Guitar and sometimes Bass Guitar) on the album.

From the minute I met Josiah J Manning I knew he was the right guy. And his studio. Wow!

Set in the beautiful, rural outskirts of Plymouth, Momentum Studios instantly gives you a warm feeling on arrival and has everything you need there. In no time at all, we were beginning to record "To Feel Love" the 6th track on the album.

I laid down the guide vocals and guitar and showed Josiah the floating motif that runs through the track with my basic piano skills. Luckily, Josiah happens to play every instrument under the sun and was only too happy to lay down nearly every instrument on every track (except guitar)... queue Paddy Blight.

Between the 3 of us, we whipped up 4 tracks in as many days.

The remaining 4 tracks were laid down in the new year including a live recording of "I Always Loved You" featuring Josiah (keys), Paddy (Guitar), Tom White (Drums) Simon Westaway (Bass) and myself on vocals and acoustic guitar of course.

Other musicians involved in helping to create the album were Josh Westrip (Trumpet) and Alex Lloyd (Saxophone) aka Raw Brass, who both feature on "Come Home".

I am very grateful that I had such high-quality musicians backing me on this project. The way in which the songs evolved from acoustic demos (some of which you can still hear on my Soundcloud) to the full production that you hear today, makes me feel very proud indeed.

I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as I enjoyed writing and recording them in the studio. (I actually loved it so much that I am due back there soon to record album number 2.)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


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